The Hayabusa LIDAR Bundle

PDS4 Bundle


    The HAYABUSA spacecraft included a LIght Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) altimeter. The primary objective of LIDAR was to establish the range between the HAYABUSA spacecraft and the asteroid Itokawa for navigation purposes during the surveying and collection phases of the mission. The Experiment Data Record (EDR) and Calibrated Data Record (CDR) from the Hayabusa LIDAR experiment are included in this data set. This updated version of the HAYABUSA LIDAR data includes a new CDR where the offsets between a high resolution shape model and the LIDAR data were minimized by optimizing the spacecraft trajectory.

    Identifier (LID)




    Time Range

    Start Time: 9/11/2005, 4:56:26 AM - Stop Time: 11/25/2005, 10:04:00 PM

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