NEAR Multispectral Imager (MSI)


    The NEAR multispectral imaging system (MSI) is based on a 537x244 pixel CCD camera with eight filters covering the spectral range from 0.4 to 1.1 microns. It is designed to take images with the scientific objectives of mapping asteroid morphology and surface composition, determining the overall size, shape, and spin characteristics.

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The data sets listed in the table below are PDS3 legacy data sets. Once these data sets have been migrated to PDS4 they will be listed in the section above.

Data Processing Level Data set ID Mission phase Browse Download Smaller Download
Raw data (level 1b):
NEAR-A-MSI-2-EDR-CRUISE1-V1.0 Cruise 1 319 Mb 84 Mb
NEAR-A-MSI-2-EDR-CRUISE2-V1.0 Cruise 2 33 Mb 10 Mb
NEAR-A-MSI-2-EDR-CRUISE3-V1.0 Cruise 3 267 Mb 70 Mb
NEAR-A-MSI-2-EDR-CRUISE4-V1.0 Cruise 4 750 Mb 138 Mb
NEAR-A-MSI-2-EDR-EARTH-V1.0 Earth Flyby 285 Mb 112 Mb
NEAR-A-MSI-2-EDR-EROS/FLY/BY-V1.0 Eros Flyby 306 Mb 83 Mb
NEAR-A-MSI-2-EDR-EROS/ORBIT-V1.0 Eros Orbit 52 Gb 14 Gb* Select 2000 sections or 2001
NEAR-A-MSI-2-EDR-MATHILDE-V1.0 Mathilde 190 Mb 64 Mb
Calibrated data (levels 2 and 3):
NEAR-A-MSI-3-EDR-CRUISE1-V1.0 Cruise 1 529 Mb 448 Mb
NEAR-A_MSI-3-EDR-CRUISE2-V1.0 Cruise 2 57 Mb 47 Mb
NEAR-A-MSI-3-EDR-CRUISE3-V1.0 Cruise 3 479 Mb 406 Mb
NEAR-A-MSI-3-EDR-CRUISE4-V1.0 Cruise 4 2.3 Gb 1.9 Gb
NEAR-A-MSI-3-EDR-EARTH-V1.0 Earth Flyby 905 Mb 775 Mb
NEAR-A-MSI-3-EDR-EROS/FLY/BY-V1.0 Eros Flyby 1.3 Gb 1.1 Gb
NEAR-A-MSI-3-EDR-EROS/ORBIT-V1.0 Eros Orbit 132 Gb 108 Gb* Select 2000 sections or 2001
NEAR-A-MSI-3-EDR-MATHILDE-V1.0 Mathilde 534 Mb 456 Mb
Higher-level data:
NEAR-A-MSI-5-DIM-EROS/ORBIT-V1.0 Eros Digital Image Maps 395 Mb 149 Mb
NEAR-A-MSI-5-EROS-SHAPE-MODELS-V1.0 Eros Shape Model 324 Mb 206 Mb
NEAR-MSI-6-RDR-INSTRUMENT-INFO-V1.0 MSI Filter Bandpasses 476 kb 51 kb

* The Eros Orbit raw and calibrated data sets are very large. Make sure you have enough room on your disk before downloading and decompressing them.

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