NEAR Magnetometer (MAG)


    The NEAR magnetometer was a fluxgate magnetometer using ring core sensors made of highly magnetically permeable materal to detect and map the intrinsic magnetic fields of the asteroid 433 Eros. The primary scientific objectives were to establish the global characteristics and geometry of the magnetic field (internal, remnant, or surface) associated with Eros and any detectable interaction with the solar wind and interplanetary field. Secondary objectives include detection of the bow shock, boundary crossings, and magnetic signatures of surface features.

    Identifier (LID)




The data sets listed in the table below are PDS3 legacy data sets. Once these data sets have been migrated to PDS4 they will be listed in the section above.

Data Processing Level Data set ID Mission phase Browse Download
Raw data (level 1b):
NEAR-A-MAG-2-EDR-CRUISE1-V1.0 Cruise 1 31 Mb 20 Mb
NEAR-A-MAG-2-EDR-CRUISE2-V1.0 Cruise 2 65 Mb 40.5 Mb
NEAR-A-MAG-2-EDR-CRUISE3-V1.0 Cruise 3 47 Mb 28 Mb
NEAR-A-MAG-2-EDR-CRUISE4-V1.0 Cruise 4 65 Mb 36 Mb
NEAR-A-MAG-2-EDR-EARTH-V1.0 Earth Flyby 32 Mb 24 Mb
NEAR-A-MAG-2-EDR-EROS/FLY/BY-V1.0 Eros Flyby 25 Mb 20 Mb
NEAR-A-MAG-2-EDR-EROS/ORBIT-V1.0 Eros Orbit 323 Mb 195 Mb
NEAR-A-MAG-2-EDR-EROS/SURFACE-V1.0 Eros Surface 24 Mb 19 Mb
Calibrated data (levels 2 and 3):
NEAR_A_MAG_3_RDR_CRUISE2_V1.0 Cruise 2 431 Mb 108 Mb
NEAR_A_MAG_3_RDR_CRUISE3_V1.0 Cruise 3 136 Mb 37 Mb
NEAR_A_MAG_3_RDR_CRUISE4_V1.0 Cruise 4 180 Mb 50 Mb
NEAR_A_MAG_3_RDR_EARTH_V1.0 Earth Flyby 57 Mb 14 Mb
NEAR_A_MAG_3_RDR_EROS/FLY/BY_V1.0 Eros Flyby 5.3 Mb 1.8 Mb
NEAR_A_MAG_3_RDR_EROS/ORBIT_V1.0 Eros Orbit 1.6 Gb 276 Mb

For a browse utility containing master index and links to MAG browse plots for each mission phase, see the "browse" directory in each calibrated MAG data set.

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